Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Гелен в Геленджике/Helen in Gelendzhik.

A bank holiday weekend in honour of Russia Day conveniently coincided with the birthday of a friend, who was brave enough to invite me to her home in a seaside resort town a few hours from Krasnodar. Incidentally, there seems to be some kind of Russian pride related event every week. Of course the traditional way to celebrate is with Russian flag themed shots. 
These are the legs of my friends. Obviously I can't show their faces because they want their identities to remain anonymous.
This picture is deceptively overcast. It was actually sunny and mild. And I did actually get intensely sunburnt.
I was slightly surprised to see a congratulatory birthday message painted on a wall in Russia. In English. And it wasn't my birthday. So I spent my weekend enjoying Russian hospitality, which basically involves stuffing me with blini and soup and then hosing down my throat with vodka and cognac. There were a few times when I suddenly became aware that everyone else had one plate in front of them and I had 3 plates and a bowl of soup. There were also many times where I failed to hide my empty glass craftily enough, resulting in the umpteenth top up.

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